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Green Team Vision Statement

The Havre de Grace Green Team Ltd,, which was established in January 2011, is a group of volunteers that review, evaluate, and implement sustainable green initiatives, with the goal of creating a “greener” more sustainable community with the City of Havre de Grace, that meets the present needs of its citizens without compromising the ability to provide for its future generations.

As such the goals and objectives of the Green Team are as follows:

  • Recommend sustainable practices for the city of Havre de Grace.
  • Facilitate the education of the Havre de Grace community to the benefits of “going green” as a way to achieve a more sustainable future and more efficiently meet our “human” needs.
  • Work closely with other Havre de Grace organizations to promote actions and behavior among citizens that are consistent with a sustainable vision for the future.
  • Identify, recommend and pursue grant opportunities to help fund and defray the costs associated with “green” practices.
  • Identify and recommend policies and practices that will provide opportunities for conservation and enhancements in the quality of our natural resources.
  • Identify and recommend opportunities for cost savings in energy and natural resource consumption.
Board of Directors

President: Carol Zimmerman
Vice President: Joan Michel
Treasurer: Joan Black
Secretary: Danielle Wolfe
Member At Large: Ennise Bloom
City Council Liaison: Casi Boyer
Education Director: Jean Johnson

Committee Chairs

Community Garden: Carol Zimmerman
Great Outdoors: Joan Black
Education: Jean Johnson​
Zero Waste: Danielle Wolfe

Read more about HdG Board Positions in this linked Google Document.

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