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Old Reservoir Community Garden

Old Reservoir Community Garden enjoys a most beautiful view of the Susquehanna River joining the Chesapeake Bay. Coming by way of Rt. 155 to Graceview Drive and then Quarry Road, the Old Reservoir Community Garden can be found on city-owned land behind and adjacent to the HdG Community Center. A short walk from the parking lot through the woods is the flat field that once held the city’s water reservoir. Established in 2013, the garden has undergone extensive work to improve drainage in 2014 as well as the addition of 8 more garden plots in 2016 (total of 24!) with the help of Vulcan Materials. Located in an area frequented by deer, fencing has been installed to keep deer and other animals out of the garden. Vulcan Materials also donated a garden shed in 2014.



A Year in the Life of a Community Garden Plot

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