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A Year in the Life of a Community Garden Plot

Reports and brochures
Vegetable Garden Plant Guide

All information provided here is obtained from trial and error as well as the successes of local community gardeners, various internet resources, and information provided through our local University of Maryland Extension Grow it Eat it Program.  Any other references used in this guide are noted below.   Please select the picture of the vegetable you are interested in, the name and  information link (if available) will be displayed to provide you with more information.

Herb Garden Guide

What is that delicate aroma?  Why do these pests always show up on my vegetables?  My garden is so bland to the senses, what can I do?  As a community gardener, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself these questions, and others, a time or two.  Below is a list of herbs that are grown in our community gardens.  The data gathered on herbs for your community garden plot has shown both anecdotal and scientific evidence to have beneficial effects on other vegetable plants grown in their near vicinity.

Do you have a preferred herb that is not mentioned here?  Does your knowledge and experience tower over those folks on wiki?  If so, please contact us at the link above and let us know.  We will review and publish your herb giving you full credit!  A picture of the herb growing in your garden is a bonus!

Source data for the Havre de Grace Green Team Herb Gardening Page was compiled from our own community gardens and from other web sources listed below.

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