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Havre de Grace Heirloom Victory Garden


The Heirloom Victory Garden was established in 2018 by the Havre de Grace Green Team in conjunction with the City of Havre de Grace, Historic Preservation Commission, and volunteers.

During World Wars I and II, home victory gardens were promoted to support war efforts. Today, home agriculture is a sensible and economical way to supplement the food budget with fresh and healthy crops. Open-pollinated heirloom vegetable seeds can be saved and replanted from year to year, unlike hybrid seeds that don’t consistently reproduce true to the parent plant.

This iconic garden supplements local area food pantries with its harvest. The garden is maintained solely by volunteers and has exceeded its harvesting goal of one thousand pounds in the first year of growing.




The Heirloom Victory Garden is located at 710 Market Street, rear of the Moore Family Homestead.

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