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In 2016 the Havre de Grace Green Team is looking to “grow” our Community Garden Initiative in a new direction by establishing a food forest at our garden on Seneca Avenue.

The Todd Park Food Forest is to be planted with sustainability in mind.  Fruit & nut trees, berry bushes, ground cover, and other groupings of plants will be nurtured by our community gardeners with help from family, neighbors, and other volunteers that can begin to yield harvest to table produce in 2 to 3 years and serve as a source of sustainable produce thereafter.  The food forest will be open to the community to explore and harvest.

There are 3 ethos that are driving  the Havre de Grace Green Team in the establishment of the Todd Park Food Forest:

  1.  Care of the environment entrusted to us
  2.  Care of the people trusting us
  3.  Care in the sharing of the resources being provided to us

These 3 ethos will help us to plan, plant, and produce our vision to provide all of our cities families and neighborhoods with a sustainable source of locally grown, nutritional,  organic, and  healthy selection of fruits, nuts, berries, fungi, vegetables, and herbaceous perennial plants, such as herbs and edible greens.

The HdG Green Team and our Community Gardeners as well as other volunteers will carry out these ethos as efficiently as we can to achieve the highest possible impact for helping the most people possible while maintaining a sustainable environment for future generation of gardeners and families to enjoy.

The HdG Green Team believes that there is no single problem or solution stands on its own.  Therefore we intend to follow 4 basic permaculture principles:

  1.  Conducting thoughtful observation prior to and rather than thoughtless labor
  2.  Working with nature and our natural boundaries instead of against them
  3.  Ensuring that each element employed performs many functions rather than one
  4.  Considering how everything is connected to everything and everyone else

With our work on the Todd Park Food Forest Initiative being a long time commitment we are always interested in hearing from, obtaining suggestions from, and having folks volunteer to help make our initiative grow into the future via our contact page.

Please consider making a contribution that will help us to continue making Havre de Grace into Havre de Green by donating to us via our PayPal button. Thank you, every bit helps!

Proposed Todd Park Food Forest
Todd Park Plant Digest
Highbush Blueberry
Highbush blueberries
PawPaw Tree
Asimina triloba3
Serviceberry Tree
Amelanchier laevis 5393665
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